High School Life Groups






Mercy Students Life Groups meet every Wednesday except for Connect Nights (the second Wednesday of every month). We have multiple Groups/meeting places. We also think it's extremely important to allow there to be some separation between middle school (6th-8th)  and high school (9th-12th) ages for Life Groups. Contact Pastor Ben for more details.

We love to focus on the lives of our students, so we place a huge priority on our Life Groups. Here are 5 models that we use to help our students to stay transparent and transformed:

Spiritual Application

For spiritual application nights, we prepare by choosing a section of Scripture, discuss what it meant when it was written, what it means now, and how we can apply it today. This allows us to show our students what it looks like to apply Scripture to their daily spiritual lives.


Sharing nights are simple and fun. We simply pick a topic of discussion and share our hearts on the matter. For example, we may simply focus on broken relationships or current events. Sometimes we dig a little deeper and other nights it's just fun to get to know each other.

Series Driven

Series-driven nights usually run from 2 to 3 weeks in a row. Our series range from "Guys and Gals" to "The End of Time."

Support and Fun

We love to do life with each other. This means, if you need some support for a soccer game or track meet, we may occasionally move Life Group to your event to cheer you on. We also love to have an occasional game night, movie night or just something fun and off-the-wall.

Service Project

Some Life Group nights may be as simple as meeting at a nursing home to minister to the elderly or help someone in need by volunteering for an outreach.