Motion Details


Motion Conference is almost here!

Motion is jam packed with amazing musicians and dynamic speakers who will help our students get into motion for Jesus. Here are some details to be aware of for your student.


  • April 26- $20 deposit is due for Motion
  • May 17- 1st $50 installment payment is due
  • June 7- 2nd $50 installment payment is due
  • June 28- 3rd $50 installment payment is due
  • July 12- 4th and FINAL $55 installment payment is due


Motion deposits have already been paid, but a breakdown in the cost is provided below.

Motion Trip Cost: $225

  • Motion Ticket        $85
  • Hotel Expense        $103
  • World of Coke        $16
  • Meals at Motion    $21
  • Total Cost    $225

 Spending Money    $45

 (Includes a pit stop and 4 meals. If you would like to purchase souvenirs of any sort from the conference, World of Coke, The Varsity, or do any additional shopping please take that into consideration when budgeting for your child’s spending money.)