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Pastor Tim Nuckles

For the past two years, Bishop Nuckles has served as the State Administrative Bishop of Michigan. Prior to that, Bishop Nuckles has served as Director of the Church of God Iris B. Vest Spirit Care Center, State Administrative Bishop of Louisiana and Director of Operations at the Church of God Smoky Mountain Children’s Home. Nuckles also has over thirty-years of experience in Pastoral Ministry.

He has ministered in the State of Virginia as Lead Pastor of both the Riveroak Church in Danville (12 years), and Bethesda Church of God in Powhatan (13 years). During his tenure in Virginia, Bishop Nuckles also served on the State Council, the State Youth Board, and as State Evangelist. Other areas of service include Chairman of the Board of Directors, God’s Pit Crew; former member of the Church of God Board of Education; and, former member of the Church of God Benevolence Board.

Bishop Nuckles has been married to his lovely wife and partner in ministry, Sharon for over 36 years. They have two sons, Christopher and Brandon, who both serve in full-time ministry with the Church of God; two daughters-in-law: Pattie & Hannah, and two grandchildren.