High School Leaders





Meet Pastor Ben and Jessica

"One of my greatest passions in life is the spiritual growth and success of young guys and gals. My wife, Jessica, and I believe in our students so much that we have opened our home to them. I love my job and the opportunities that it has given me to make a difference in the lives of others. After graduating from Magna Vista High School, I attended and completed a 2 year discipleship and leadership program called Mission Baltimore and earned my degree in church leadership. After completing the program, I served on staff for a church in Baltimore as a youth and media pastor. God eventually led me back home where I met my beautiful wife. I've been serving at Mercy Crossing for 7 years."


Meet Mercy Students' leadership team. These are some of the most creative and fun folk you can ever meet.  Each leader on this team plays a crucial role and all impact the lives of our students in different ways. 



As our seniors transition from middle and high school into adulthood, some of them like to continue to make a difference in this ministry. Because of this, we like to give them the opportunity to serve as interns, where they mentor and learn to take on ministry responsibilities.